1. We will bring public administration nearer to citizens through new technologies and provide Port de Pollença with some municipal areas and services.
  2. Transparency will be an essential aspect of our action in government. The institutional agenda of the Mayor and the councillors, the minutes of executive meetings and plenary sessions, and the Town Hall’s representation expenses will all be published on the municipal website.
  3. We will encourage citizen participation. Annual investments will be submitted to popular vote. Citizens will have the opportunity to speak at plenary sessions. We will hold an accountability and annual report meeting open to all citizens.
  4.  We will set aside and execute an annual budget for the conservation and integral maintenance of Cala Sant Vicenç.
  5. We will create a municipal Tourism Excellence Plan, involving all the different economic sectors, whose main aim will be to become a reference worldwide. We will complement “sun and beach” with an offer of cultural, gastronomic, nature and sports activities.
  6. We will make all the town’s resources available in order to improve the quality of holiday home tourism, which is an economic driver and a source of wealth distribution for many families.
  7. We will provide the means to speed up the processing of building permits. We will apply responsible town planning to compleating those developments which are in a state of deficiency.
  8. We will work towards an education system which provides equal opportunities for everyone, enhances culture and values the local language, and we will promote popular sports.
  9. We will give priority to social services and will defend healthcare infrastructures to expand our service portfolio.
  10. We will regulate the public thoroughfare, eliminate architectural barriers and put to rights cases of over-occupation of public thoroughfare

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